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    Product Content Management

    Set up the data governance culture across all your departments
    Product Information Management
    Make all your product data structured and centralized at a single place.
    Product Content Syndication
    Collect & share your product information across multiple Ecommerce channels automatically.
    B2B Ecommerce
    Create and support multiple B2B portals from a single platform
    B2B Ecommerce Platforms
    Deeply customize B2B online stores based on the contracts with different customer groups
    Turnkey Solutions for B2C Ecommerce
    Get all you need from a single provider
    B2C Ecommerce Platforms
    Grow your Ecommerce business faster with a flexible solution built on proven modules
    ERP Platforms
    Streamline your business processes with a highly customizable platform connected to the existing solutions
    Build an experienced IT team aligned to your Ecommerce business
    Dedicated Teams
    Grow your existing team or create a new one tailored to your requirements and expectations
    Providing Powerful Experiences
    We deliver what we promise, and we believe solutions have to be adapted to support business operations, and not vice versa
    15 Years of Experience
    Gepard & Bintime brings innovative Ecommerce ideas to life since 2005.

    End-to-End solutions
    We offer a wide range of proven modules with deep customization opportunities to launch projects fast.
    50+ Satisfied Clients
    The reviews of our long-term & returning clients are the best sign of trustworthiness.
    Award-winning projects
    Our clients' projects have won multiple tenders and international awards.
    What our clients say
    Emre Tan Altınok
    Managing Director at Icecat
    Our partnership with Gepard is absolutely beneficial. We have reduced costs on the data export processes and attracted new clients, who experienced data transformation challenges. Gepard data transformation capabilities have added new value to our own solution, helping us to achieve our strategic business goals.
    Elena Iskos
    MDM Governance & Data Quality Manager at Office Depot
    Using Gepard Syndicator engine along with Icecat open catalog, we automatically enrich about 60% of our assortment with the required product information. Gepard platform is fully integrated with our internal system. That allows us to reduce product time-to-market, minimize manual product enrichment and improve data quality.
    Vitaly Klimov
    Chief Technical Officer at 24TTL
    The platform we created in cooperation with Gepard converts the brands' data from the zip archive to a rich HTML page with promotional images. It works as a widget, enabling our clients to see product page statistics from the retailers' websites, which brands usually cannot access. I was impressed by the unique expertise that the company owes in product data management and optimization. We have learned a lot from this cooperation, and we're already discussing new projects together.
    Catherine (NDA)
    Project Manager at World's Top Computer Vendor
    The project is doing well, the product data management tool is working great and saving us time. What I like the most, it's very simple to use, with intuitive interface and navigation, and auto-filling of content saves a lot of time for people preparing spreadsheets for the retailers.

    And the media package takes care of images and PDF files so that we do not need to use an additional tool for that. For me, the project is more than just a tool. It's the tool plus the service we receive in terms of always keeping auto-filling up-to-date with retailers' latest template versions.
    Gerco Vermeer
    Development manager at Futurumshop
    Bintime team knows how we think, and that's the reason why we reached out to launch a mobile app for our Ecommerce store. We have launched the MVP app fast, testing it with our customers and upgrading it in small steps. The team always stays focused and professionally deals up with the changing priorities. Now our shoppers' feedback is positive, the app is fast and they like how it works. I'm really happy with how we did it with Bintime.
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